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One of the most critical public policy problems facing communities across the United States today is the life prospects of disadvantaged and at-risk youths. In general, “disadvantaged youth or at-risk” refers to young people with fewer chances to achieve goods such as secondary education or societal positions. Youths face a series of barriers to success that have negative implications both today and in the future. Not all youth aspire to go to college or see the value of a career as an employee. However, many have a desire and aptitude for organizing, leading others, and using their creativity. History records many disadvantaged youths who excel later in life due to "one big break or idea." The present academic institutions do not provide education or training on entrepreneurship, leadership, or life skills.  Consequently, much-disadvantaged youth undervalue their true potential and become an encumbrance to their respective community.


The Young Entrepreneurial Sucess (YES) is an innovative and enlivening community-based program that trains and leads middle through high school students into income-generating opportunities, internships, leadership development, social and life skills coaching. Through a yearlong program, students ages 13-18 learn principles, develop ideas and plans, pitch their business idea to Sponsors, and launch their very own enterprise. Through sponsors and grants, YES provides the resources to ensure the success of all participants.


Our Mission

To provide innovative and experiential programs for middle and high school students and deliver these programs in conjunction with high schools and middle schools throughout communities in close cooperation with their respective local communities, business leaders, and organizations.


To collaborate with like-minded organizations to effectively deliver education that will maximize the success of all participants. YES introduces value creation concepts and combines a dynamic, proven curriculum with local leaders' experiences in business, community members, educators, and entrepreneurs. All YES programs' goal is to gain leadership skills and launch their small income-making concept successfully.


Community Impact

YES is a life-changing program that positively influences the entire community. YES provides positive options to youth who have desires to succeed outside of the secondary education path. YES involves local business guest lecturers to dynamic field trips to local businesses and internships; students gain insight on the benefits of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in a fun, project-based approach.




  • Develop and deliver experience-based programs to young people to maximize their potential for success:

  • Help youth to pursue their dreams by harnessing their creativity and energy and directing those to create economic and social value for a better world.

  • Develop the character of tomorrow's leaders based on personal principles and values

  • Create a culture of innovation in schools and communities across the nation.

Let’s Work Together

Tel: (704) 232 - 3993

"A Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Waste"

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Our youth have a unique challenge.  Many schools' academic programs caters to those who would pursue higher education.  This is not the case for all youth. However, there is still a path to success

The YES program provides unique training and mentoring to afford these youth who want success in a different way.

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