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We have provided below a list of questions and answers that are often asked by those who are interested in becoming a Network Partner or attend as a participant.  For more detail information, please don't hesitate to contact us at






How often does The Gathering IN meet?

The Gathering IN has three division of services that it offers its clients and participants. The Gathering Fellowship International, The Gathering International - Leadership Summits, and The Light House Bible School. The venues operate with specific schedules and are designed to meet the needs of those who participate in our programs.


Can I maintain my membership in an Alliance, Association, or Fellowship, and still participate in any division of the network?

The Gathering International Network is not an association or denominational reformation.  Therefore, TGIF has no jurisdiction or control over the churches who participate in any part of the network. TGIN is a body of believers that want to fulfill their God-given mandate through the collective or specific efforts and programs of TGIN.


Who can participate in The Gathering IN?

Everyone is welcomed to attend the Gathering IN.  Whether as an individual or an existing fellowship, alliance, or reformation, all are welcomed. The training is designed to assist pastors, organizations, or success minded individuals to birth exceptional leadership by providing  learning and practical applications.   The Gathering IN is designed to help you achieve success in a greater way in everything that you endeavor to accomplish.



How do you become a part of TGIN?

Those who desire to participate in The Gathering IN have available the venues listed below.  Please contact us for more information

  1. The Gathering IN - Leadership Summits

  2. The Gathering Fellowship International

  3. The Light House Bible School



What benefits do I receive from participating in the Gathering IN?

The Gathering IN is intended to provide principles used in major corporation but coupled with biblical principles so that pastors and their church leaders and members, or anyone desiring to succeed in the world with the methods, approaches, and systems necessary for the ascendency of their personal lives and their organizations.The framework for success is taught with practical applications using training materials. All venue are working sessions and allow for audience participation in an interactive manner..

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