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The Office of the Bishop


Where do Pastors, Bishops, Apostles, and the rest of the five-fold ministry go when they require personal counseling, private conversations, and individual mentoring.  You cannot find these needs met in most seminaries and not always in a fellowship or association.  The Gathering IN provides the following support:


​THE SECRET PLACE    This service helps support pastors as they face the stresses of juggling church, family, and personal growth issues.   All discussions are private & confidential.


BISHOP CONSECRATION.  This service is to duly consecration pastors who desire the office of a Bishop.  We train Pastors for six weeks on the requirements, duties, and protocols of a Bishop.  Upon completion of the course work, pastors participate in a consecration service and receive their consecration certificate.


​PERSONAL COACHING. This service helps facilitate the personal and leadership of Pastors, Bishops, and those who operate in the fivefold ministry.


For more information about these unique services, please click the contact us button below.

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