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Help Us Help Those Who Need Help

I have never considered giving to worthwhile causes as a necessity. Instead, I have always viewed it as a covenant—a significant relationship between an individual and a worthwhile cause. Those who give offerings of love through donations to the Gathering IN are more than monthly donors. Their donations serve a greater good by providing towers of strength that ensure we carry on.

Your tax-deductible gift perseveres in the exemplary work of providing programs across communities in the United States and beyond. By contributing to The Gathering IN, you enter into a covenant relationship and grow with us as we affect and change the lives of countless millions at home and around the globe.


What Does Your Donation Do?

When you donate with us, you're providing financial support to assist us to:

Empower People

Through Knowledge

The Gathering IN uses a unique approach for helping individuals and families attain a better life. TGIN believes that the world's poverty and low economic regions and countries can overcome these challenges through knowledge and training for income-generating opportunities, internship, leadership development, social and life skills coaching...​

​The old proverb that if you give a man a fish, he will always be hungry. However, if one teaches a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.  Our philosophy is that we must edify the whole man - mind, body, and soul. TGIN's approach is economic empowerment through the feeding of the mind and the soul.​

​We would appreciate any donation amount but ask you to commit to $19.99 per month to support these programs and services. We will direct 95% of your gift directly to the program.  The remaining 5% is to cover the administrative costs.


Those who donate a gift of $100 per month or more will receive a show of appreciation for your thoughtfulness and generosity. We will also promote your gift and amount on this website and our Facebook Fan page.


Please consider helping us fulfill our mission of helping others to go beyond the ordinary by clicking the "I Want to Help" button.

If you need to speak with us directly or need more information, please click the contact us today button below.  We will respond immediately.


Thank you for your tax-deductible gift.

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