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Success 103 - Missed Opportunities

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Many people struggle to just maintain average, while others soar and acquire great polymathy, a great name, and a successful future. In some circles "average" is the norm, and accepted as good-while others continue to explore and actualize new dimensions of success. Unfortunately, the downside of becoming successful is all of the people who would attempt to negate your success. These negative people work very hard to diminish you.... They understate your "intelligence"; "sweep" your resume and history for issues; and discredit your resolve to make things happen. Fortunately, these people's efforts to hinder or demean NEVER stop successful people. Nor does it elevate these negative thinkers' standing or change the opinions of others about them. James offer some advice that works in business, ministry, personal relationships, and your relationship with God. Want to be successful?

James 4:2 says, "You are jealous and covet (what others have) and your desires go unfulfilled; so you become murderers (To hate is to murder as far as your heart s concerned). You burn with envy and are not able to obtain (gratification, contentment, and the happiness you seek), so you fight and war. YOU DO NOT HAVE BECAUSE YOU DO NOT ASK."

Each day is filled with OPPORTUNITIES. Successful people have learned the pattern of not missing opportunities. They spend 65% of their time working smart; 10% of their time in reflection, ALL of their time staying focused; 25% of their time asking for direction, information, opportunities, and knowledge. They NEVER miss an OPPORTUNITY. Additionally, they realize that there is enough success to go around and don't spend a moment worrying about other people's success. Do you sincerely want to be successful - STOP MISSING OPPORTUNITIES. Seize the moment when it occurs by simply ASKING. The good news is that these MOMENTS (opportunities to ask) occur ALL day, EVERY day!


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