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  • Bishop John C. Parks

Signals of the Ambush

Experiencing a bad relationships is not an answer to a prayer. Sane people are not seeking a test or discovery of the emotional maturity. However, ambushes just consistently happen too often. People scheme and plot to enter in relatiosnhips with the wrong motives. Normally, after making a serious commitment, we determine that our partner had a hidden agenda, or some kind of flawed character, but usually it was too late. The damage was done, and we journey through another season of hurt.

One of the tricks of a hunter is to ambush his prey. Deer hunters sit in deer stands for hours waiting for deer(s) to come along. All hunters use disguises or decoys to lure their prey into fatal situation. Likewise, we are lured into ambushes by people with the intent of taking from us and gaining an advantage over us for their personal gain. Simply stated, their desire is to control or conquer their victim. Bad relationships create frustration and lifelong hurt. Much of the hurt never really gets healed. We simply move along hoping for our dream of true love to come true.

There are signals that people send whether good or bad. The key is to be aware and cognizant of what these signals are. When you master these signals, you will find that you move quicker to prevent yourself from wasting time, finding true happiness, and joy.

Warning signs of a relationship that will end up as a bad relationship

-The Lack of Honesty - Your partner hides the truth and witholds information. This behavior is a sign of a seriously flawed character.

-The Lack of Respect.- Before you can make a serious commitment, you notice sarcasm, being taken for granted, or constantly being put on the defensve.

-Expressive Abuse - The clearest sign of all, when you do things that doesn't please your partner you are oppressed and caught up in a majr argument.

-Quick Involvement - Your partner pressures you to commit to the relationship quickly or rushes you to a serious commitment.

-Jealousy - Jealousy has nothing to do with love. The early warning sign is your partner asking specific qustions about many minor things related to people.

Relationships are built one brick at a time. Rushing ahead blindly without having careful time to consider the character, values, and true personality of a potential prospect is dangerous.

For more information about why good people get into bad relationship, purchase your copy of Bishop John C. Parks' new book entitled "Why Good People Get Into Bad Relationships", which will be available in November 2015. Stay Tuned!

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