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  • Bishop John C. Parks

Trusting God, When Things Don't Make Sense

What else can happen? The world is imploding, relationships don't last, and peace of mind has left the building. Often, many are justing throwing up their hands in disillusionment. Life doesn't always make sense, and God doesn't always give us the answers. It is during these times of total uncertainty that we can be most tempted to mistrust God. After a life of frequent failures, disppaointments and hurt, there is one question on many people's minds: "Why would God allow this to happen?"

As with every disappointment, we have a decision to make when trouble or disaster strikes. How will we respond? The first part of responding correctly when life doesn't make sense is keeping our focus on God. It's simply a matter of who or what do you trust. At some point in our lives, we will all spin out of control. We won't know how and we won't know why. How we attempt to steer our out-of-control lives, however, is up to us. We can choose to focus on exactly why God has allowed this situation, how it came about, or we can focus on trusting God for the next step to lead us forward through every disappointment. The first step to trusting God is realizing that God did not manufacture the trouble. However, God does allow us to discover Him through the trouble..

There are lessons that we must learn through painful circumstances that we could learn only by going through them. Remember the story of Job? He lost his family, his wealth, his health, and his friends but grew closer to God. Ultimately, for Job's faithfulness the Lord blessed him with a larger family and more wealth than he'd had before. We must look for the lessons that God has in store for us during our trying times. It is all part of growth process.

How do we trust God when things don't make sense. It real simpler than we think. Keep your eye on God instead of staring at the trouble. We will always overcome,because God promised we would. #Selah

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