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Just Be You, No Excuses

Blog. JustBe You

We live in a society where acceptance by others is view as a major priority. This view is largely due to our great Creator's designing us to feel the need for relationships. Furthermore, our view is accentuated by the perception by some that anyone alone has serious issues. When you don't conform to the norm, some people pity you, ridicule you, isolate themselves from you, or stalk you as prey. Consequently, too many people acquiesce to a state of being a follower and going along with the crowd. They end up with friends that are not compatible, or relationships that are high maintenance and destructive,or belong to groups that pressure them to conform against their values. To have relationships, they comply only to go home exausted and unfulfilled.

The truth of the matter is that exceptional people rarely fit in. Exceptional people will always think in another dimension and more broadly. Your uniqueness will be seen as peculiar or weird. Your conversation will be minimal and others think that you are suffering from low self esteem when in reality you are being oppressed, or seriously not interested. In actuality, you lack the nerves to tell the truth because of a desire to be accepted. Your confidence always leaves the building and you end up complying to the desires and wishes of others.

Please know that people will always talk. That's just the way it is. Most likely, the people you are acquainted with are talking about you as you click like on this blog. So, since they are talking anyway, why not get delivered from people. The key to emotional stability is you being you, no excuses. Don't be shamed, or put on - just be you. There is value in difference. You may not know it, but there are other people just like you as well. If you break away from the crowd, other people like you will notice you or you'll notice them.

So, let today be a coming out party for the REAL you. No more pretending or accepting what you dislike. No more not speaking your values out loud. No more hanging out wth people who are on the opposite end of the spectrum. You have a new season to enter and dead weight is NOT allowed. #justbeyou#exceptional

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Bishop John C. Parks

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