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  • Bishop John C. Parks

Book Excerpt - Why Good People Get Into Bad Relationships

"Waiting to Exhale"

Why Good People Get Into Bad Relationships

In many relationships, there is also the issue of waiting for the person to change. Despite the fact that the relationship is growing sourer every month of every year, we cling on with the hopes that more love will change the person. This thought is farthest from the truth. Being good and treating someone good may soften someone, but it will never make someone love you. True love is created when both parties value each other. Someone valuing you will make them appreciate you and not take anything for granted. There is always the desire to salvage a relationship. Consequently, some people continue to work to make bad out of good.

Every relationship is meant to accentuate both parties. If this relationship building approach becomes ineffective, one partner will attempt to put forth more effort. Hoping that the other partner would wake up, and see. The partner waits to exhale, tries to hold onto the relationship , and spends a lot of energy and time trying to salvage what was never theirs.

At some point , you must exhale. .

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