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  • Bishop John C. Parks

President Obama's Last Stand

Obama picks Supreme Court Justice

Battle, Victory, setback, failure, success, repeat. This seems to be the pattern for the President Barak Hussein Obama. His willingness to stand has stiffled the pondits. His critics say he overuses his powers with Executive Orders. However, his adverisaries missed one major strength - a President that would stand and not back down! The sudden death of one of the Supreme Court judges is perhaps the final batltle within the remaining months of Barak Obama's Presidency.

2008 was the beginning of a new era for the United States of America and the world. Over 200 years after the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln, the United States of America elected the first Black President. No one could have predicted that this would occur in our life-time.

Unfortunately, it also was the beginning of an era of gridlock, racism, vindicativeness, and hate. The Republican party vowed to "block" any and ever piece of legislation presented by the first Black President. They have kept to that promise and hindered the growth of a much needed economic recovery. Even at the expense of Republicans and white people suffering, these wicked men swore to prevent the success of the first Black President. Now, theya re gearing up to fight his appointee to the Supreme Court.

Some have questioned whether the President Obama is a Christian. Despite some controversial policies and decisions regarding same sex marriage, the President has remained STRONG even in the midst of severe battles, obstructions, and even ridicules. However, the first Black President has proven that he will not stop, he will not bow down, and he will remain true to his conviction. This attitude is a testament to his true character and faith.

With one year left in his Presidency, he has one last controversial decision to make. Many people would simply coast out of the White House and enjoy a great life. That is not the case with America's frst Black Presdent. Once again, President Obama plans to stand for what he believes in. True character is being consistent. Our first Black President has proven that he has an unwavering set of principles that he lives by. He wil not be bought out, or silenced by his adversaries.

It is to soon to know what history will say about America's first Black President. Hopefully, they will honor him with truth as they dissect his Presidency. More importantly, I am hopeful that the historians will write about the first Black President that knew how to STAND!

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