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Going to the Wrong Places, Looking for the Right Advice

Gossiping People

There is one thing that is common to everyone - problems. We don't send out special invitations and request a RSVP, we don't spend time trying to partner with people with problems, nor do we involve ourselves in the plethora of other people's issues. However, problems just seem to come from everywhere.

Since problems are normal. The crucial question is how do you handle them. In most cases, many people seek the advice of others. Most people are struggling with their own problems. However, the right advice will NEVER show up in the wrong places. The right advice MUST come from within you. Here are some steps to consider.

Stop Over-Thinking.

So much of our stress and anxiety stems from all the thinking we do. We ask ourselves all sorts of questions. When you over think, you allow your imagination to be release. Our imaginations produce problems that don't exist and even creates fears that are not real.

Stop Sharing Your Problems with Just Anybody

Clearly, we need the prayers of everyone. However, most people in our immediate circle can only provide opinions and struggle to provide solutions. Also, most of the gossip about us comes from us sharing our problems with people we know. Work to develop a good group of counselors. Counselors are people who have demonstrated that have wisdom and would provide sound advice.

Stop Feeling That Your Problems are Eternal.

Most problems are just temporary. Problems come and go. Stay focused, continue to move forward in your goals and 80% of your problems will disappear. Identify the remaining 20% and list corrective action to minimize or solve for them.

Seek God's Words

If you seeking the right advice, you should seek God's word through His Holy Spirit to reveal it to you. Since it your situation, God wants to talk with you directly. No other person can intervene on your behalf. This is because God wants a personal relationship with you.

Do you need some right advice? Go to God's word, called the Bible (Biblical Instructions Before Leaving Earth) and you will find all you need.

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