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Staying in the Game When the World is in a Mess

Staying in the Game When the World is in a Mess

The global pandemic is worsening instead of getting better. In addition, there is news of political unrest, economic downturns, and social unrest. These challenges are within our borders. These significant events worsen as we look at the world beyond our borders. Many people are having a hard time staying focused and moving forward. Some people are just disillusioned; others are quitting, and a few are wondering what is next.

Despite these social, economic, and financial challenges, we have to work, preserve, protect our families, and keep everything together. It is not an easy task, so if you are struggling, join the crowd.

History reveals that more successful companies and millionaires are birth in trouble times. The survival of the fittest is not a theory but a fact. Some stay in the game when the world is in a mess. These people do not deter from their game plan regardless of events around them. They invest their time and energy into achieving their priorities and significant goals.

If you are someone who wants to stay in the game during these troubled times, here are a few strategies to help you maneuver through the chaos and ensure you are a winner.


One should consider what is essential. Completing a daily "to do' list is a waste of time unless you establish the "first things." The first thing consists of major goals. They are 20% of the effort that will yield 80% of the results. Identify three of these "first things" and block 2-hour increments in your calendar for their achievement. Use the remaining 2 - 3 hours of your workday to handle meetings, minutia, emails, and delegated items.


Despite popular belief, most people can only perform one task at a time. When you try to multitask, you are rapidly switching your focus between two things. Every time you switch, you have to re-focus on the new task. Because it takes a few minutes to get up to speed on a task, these "switching costs" make multitasking extremely inefficient. Block out the calendar for the task and its assigned timeframe and only work on one task at a time.

FOCUS ON WHAT TO ACHIEVE FOR THE MONTH Some people plan for the day while others plan for the week. Successful people plan for the month. They identify the major priorities to accomplish during a month. Then, they time block these priorities into 2 hours' time slots during the month. Consequently, they are always on their game and see what is ahead. This approach allows them to schedule in advance those high pay-off goals. Thus, distraction of trivia is minimal. FOCUS ON BALANCE Staying in the game is not only about achieving meaningful goals. Staying in the game is also about focusing on your mind, body, and soul. This approach involves getting enough rest, eating well, feeding the mind, and having enough exercise. Those who stay in the game understand it is about achieving the whole package. When you work the body and your soul, your mind is more precise. Besides, when you work, your mind, body, and your soul, your entire being is in balance. Take a mental break by feeding your intellect. Feed your soul through meditation, reading scriptures, and finding time for gratitude so you can think about positive things occurring in your life.

Everyone has choices to make in life. You can choose to follow the crowd and worry about the future. However, you could choose to stay in the game and ensure you are one of those who will testify of their success during a pandemic.

Choose wisely.

John C. Parks, Th.D., BS, MBA, ESPO

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