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Our Sponsors


Help Us Help Others by Partnering With Us

We aim to help community leaders, non-profit organizations, and individuals to achieve their destinies and fulfill their visions and missions for a better and more abundant living. TGIN conducts leadership summits, training, video conferences, and live workshops on a local, national, and international basis whose aim is to provide the services contained in this website.  These venues are free to the public and funded by our Sponsors' free-will giving who see the value and benefits of our mission.  All donations and gifts are tax-deductible.

​We ask you to support us as a SPONSOR and contribute to helping us fulfill our mission to help others grow, expand, and achieve.  If you would like to Sponsor TGIN and receive the benefits listed on this page, please click the contact us button and we will respond immediately.

​We appreciate and are grateful for your generous giving.  Your sponsorship helps to make for better communities and cities across our nation and around the globe. Thank you!

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