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Our Vision 


The Gathering International Network is a 501 C3 nonprofit organization that improves local communities by implementing proven strategies that foster growth through action-centered leadership curriculums, organizational development strategies, and economic empowerment while engaging people of all ages and ethnicities to yield productive results in communities around the world.  We aim to educate, enlighten and engage.


Our Mission


TGIN works to provide consistent support for non-profits, pastors, and their local churches, and communities to yield productive results in communities around the world.​  Our services include:

  • Gideon 300 - We work with nonprofits and community leaders to implement educations that lead to economic empowerment.

  • Pastor's Forum.  With over 45 years of Pastoral experience, Bishop Parks designed these iron sharpening iron venues with the pastor in mind.  Each forum is uniquely tailored to meet the needs and provide the tools for 21st Century pastoral work.

  • Organizational Development Summits - We design programs that will enhance the organization by training, organizational designs, and coaching to have a larger and more positive and productive impact on their respective communities.

  • Financial Literacy.  Many people experience financial problems due to a lack of knowledge.  These workshops go beyond training in money management, but include how to get out of debt, investing retirement strategies, and more.

  • Leadership Boot Camp. This three-day boot camp is a high-intensity workshop to develop and enhance leadership skills in many genres and various types of organizations.  The aim of the 3-day session is to provide the tools so that each participant can leave the Boot Camp with their own personal leadership strategies and action plans.

  • Youth Entrepreneurial Sucess. The YES program is designed to teach youth middle to high school to become entrepreneurs, start income-making opportunities, and leadership to assist in creating productive citizens.

  • Customized Training Programs.  We offer a host of training programs tailored fit to meet the needs of organizations and community needs.

  • ReWired Podcast - We take our training and education to a mobile level.  This approach helps us reach "the many" versus "the few" because of mobile technology.

  • Books - Our President is an author. We believe inspiration is necessary to expand the knowledge of the participants, partners, and sponsors of TGIN.

The Value We Offer  to Maximize the Success of Individuals, Organizations, and  Communities 

People learning and sharing their expertise with like-minded people who will settle for nothing less than reaching their full potential.
"The whole body fits together perfectly, each part doing its own special work, helping the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love (Ephesians 4:16)."
Contact us today at, or call (704) 232-3993.


The Gathering International Network is NOT a fellowship or an association. It is a nonprofit that functions as a knowledge-based network across the United States and internationally. Our experience and expertise help us lay out strategies for those in need. This collaboration is essential for the successful transition from strategy to plan and to action.


The Gathering International Network has no jurisdiction or control over individuals or organizations that participate in this network.TGIN is a network of individuals, organizations, and communities partnering to gain additional knowledge, assistance, expertise, and experience from the vast knowledge base within TGIN.

Our network expands into the geographies listed below.

  • United States

  • Africa**

  • South America**

  • Europe**

  • Asia**

  • North America

  • India**

**The geographical countries that are politically stable on each of the continents.


​Our Support

​We support other organizations that work to address humanitarian issues relating to poverty and low economic areas through evangelism by providing knowledge and training to achieve a more abundant standard of life.

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