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Top Reasons To Attend The Gathering IN - Organizational Development Summits.

The Gathering IN will equip you to succeed in going BEYOND ORDINARY.

Whether you are a pastor, organizational leader, or community leader adamant about church growth, support of non-profit initiatives, or community development, we work to assist in achieving exponential growth. The Gathering IN provides the training with practical applications to achieve these goals, dreams, and desires by hosting Church Development Summits.  We design this Summit to achieve specific goals. By participating you will benefit from the following:



  • Uncover and learn how to implement the seven (7) critical pillars of action-centered leadership and organizational advancement.

  • Understand the purpose, mission, and strategies for extending your vision.

  • Work sessions that allow for participation, questions, and answers.

  • Assist participants by providing tools to assist in their pastoral growth, personal growth, or organizational development.

  • Networking with individuals and organizations across the nation and internationally who have a commitment to maximizing success and the fulfillment of visions and missions. And much more!

During these organizational development summits, we cover topic such as,

  • Developing your unique vision, mission, and core values.

  • 7 Pillars of Leadership.

  • How to develop an annual strategic plan and budget.

  • Thinking Exponentially.

  • Designing communication systems that work

  • Developing Teams

  • Evangelism Ministry

  • Finance and Getting Out of Debt Workshops

  • Three (3) day BootCamp aimed at developing productive local communities

  • and MORE

Please click the contact us button below and let us know how we can assist you and if you would like to support these summits..

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